To provide customized cleaning, maintenance, and other assorted wind turbine services characterized by a steadfast commitment to safety, integrity, environmental responsibility and quality.

A Brief History of A & A Wind Pros, Inc.
For the past ten years, A & A Wind Pros, Inc. has provided services applied through processes designed and executed with allegiance to safety, integrity, quality of workmanship and environmental responsibility.  Our commitment to these fundamental values remains as our vision has expanded from a core focus on internal and external cleaning into a multifaceted array of services we provide for our customers. While our capabilities are malleable to best suit the needs of our clients, our standards endure unaltered. This ensures consistently uniform and safe results for our customers, increased value, and predictably reliable performance of their technology.
Years before combining their business interests, Mr. Scott Cathey and Mr. Slade Roberson were already both married men with children, bonded by their farming and ranching roots, entrepreneurial dreams, and community involvement – including molding young boys into mature men on the gridiron. Cathey graduated from Ryan High School in 1987, while Roberson matriculated four years later in 1991. Cathey furthered his education at Oklahoma State University as a student athlete, combining football with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with Economics and Accounting minors, graduating in 1993. Roberson studied at Oklahoma State University from 1991 to 1995 and later took his undergraduate degree in Safety, Health & Physical Education from Cameron University in 1999. Cathey’s business background was in finance, agriculture and environmental response, while Roberson’s skills were developed through coaching athletics and sales. Beginning with Arvest Bank in 2000 as a credit analyst, Cathey progressed into commercial lending before leaving in 2005 to pursue his entrepreneurial passions. Roberson has seven years of experience as a high school football coach, beginning in Texas in 1999 and transitioning to Oklahoma, culminating as a defensive coordinator for Deer Creek Edmond High School.  Ditch Witch of Oklahoma then recruited Roberson to become their Southwest Sales Representative, a position in which he excelled prodigiously.
Each possessing homegrown work ethic, grit, vision, and excellence; in May 2010 Roberson and Cathey officially incorporated A & A Wind Pros, based in Edmond, Oklahoma. For the first two years we focused on internal and external cleaning, beginning with a mobile crew of three employees. We began in 2012 and 2013 to include additional services such as blade repair, environmental remediation, LEP, Tractel product sales and climb assist installations.  Our footprint began to expand, while our ironclad commitment to impeccable safety standards, determined reliability and precise ingenuity remained immutable.  From 2014 to 2016, we added numerous additional services including tower sandblasting and painting, O&M tech support, oil changes, capital safety product sales, blade disposal, NDT scanning, Tractel DeRope service, Tractel service lift inspection, Mobil Tractel TiRak hoist & BSO service, tower base bolt coating, torque and tensioning.  These required safe and resourceful implementation for numerous industry leaders.  During 2017 and 2018, we maintained this portfolio of services while incorporating blade composite and fiberglass repair. Then in 2019, General Electric asked us to begin performing yaw puck services, and we completed approximately 400 turbines, while expanding maintenance and technical support services.  
Tragically and unexpectedly, in March of 2020, Mr. Cathey passed away before his time.  While in the midst of grief at this unexpected passing, Mr. Cathey’s wife and family decided to step in and lock arms in continuing to grow A & A Wind Pros, Inc.  A continuation plan was formulated and implemented that has enabled A & A Wind Pros, Inc. to continue our legacy of providing safe, efficient and reliable services for numerous customers. 
Throughout our history, A & A Wind Pros has added numerous additional components to the initial foundation of internal and external cleaning services.  While rapid growth has at times necessitated additional crew members and training, we have resisted the temptation to prematurely expand, and we remain convinced that safety and consistency in service remain integral to our flourishing business.  
A decade ago, two spirited entrepreneurs glimpsed the need to provide safe, efficient and reliable customized services for the forthcoming wind turbines which would soon populate the Great Plains. As determined young businessmen, we transformed problems in the wind energy sector into restorative solutions, instilling a culture of consistency that enhances customer value on multiple dimensions. A & A Wind Pros, Inc. has matured from a passionate vision into a full-service wind energy entity.  We are spearheaded by seasoned leaders who are poised to continue to grow while delivering safe, high-quality and consistently reliable results for our customers.



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